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    JOR Construction Inc. is your professional masonry contractor specializing in: Tuckpointing, Masonry Repair, Chimney Repair/Rebuild, Waterproofing, Caulking, Lintel Replacement, Chemical Cleaning and many more quality services.
    Brick Repair Rervices

    Masonry Repair

    Whether you are suffering from the damage caused by an accident, storm or your masonry has been worn out due to the weather, don’t worry we will repair your brickwork.

    Cracks in concrete or masonry which are not repaired may cause more serious problems and as a result the prices can rise. Chicago’s homeowners admit that the most troublesome are cracks which cause damages when the water freezes in them. Repairing will not only fix the look of the brickwork, it will also prevent it from further damages. The enemy number one of masonry is Chicagoland’s weather – rain, snow, ice and changes in temperatures.

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    Tuck Pointing Tuckpointing Chicago


    Tuckpointing consists of grinding, cleaning, and/or filling in the mortar around the bricks. When the mortar begins to weaken and starts to fallout, the bricks may become loose. When this occurs ,some form of masonry repairs is required to ensure structural safety. Also the new application of mortar provides a water resistant, prevents air drafts and gives the bricks of the customer’s house/building a fresh, new look.

    The term TUCKPOINTIG has recently come to be used to describe any type of MASONRY RESTORATION.


    Chimney Repair

    Sometimes a chimney sweep Chicago just isn’t enough. Over time your chimney and fireplace can become worn and damaged due to weathering and moisture. Regular chimney maintenance is suggested to avoid costly repairs down the line. Often a chimney can be restored with some basic repair such as sealing, spot tuckpointing or minor brick replacement. It is important to address water damage and flaking bricks early on. If your chimney is not properly maintained and cared for then more severe repairs may be required.

    chicago lintel replacement

    Lintel Replacement

    Masonry is supported by lintels above wall openings, like door and windows. Usually it’s made of steel angles, channels, beams, etc.

    The most common reason of replacing lintel is corrosion of the steel parts. Corrosion can expand up to 10 times. It can be very harmful for masonry because of the enormous weight and the force acting on the neighboring wall which can cause cracking and movements.

    Old and corroded lintels may require removal and replacement with the new galvanized steel.

    Chicago brick power washing services chicago

    Power Washing

    As a surface exposed to the exterior, brick walls are vulnerable to outside elements including sun, rain, snow, mold, mildew, algae, smoke, bird droppings, sand and dust. If these are left to sit on the surface over long periods of time they will not only make such structures old and unsightly, but they will also cause material erosion. The longer you wait, the harder it becomes to remove such debris. Pressure washers are used to eliminate water stains, salt spots, mold, mildew, dirt, wasp nests, and debris left after construction (construction cleaning).

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    brick waterproofing


    Waterproofing is the process of treating masonry surfaces with chemical agents, to make them repel water. It is a common maintenance service which prolongs the life of masonry by minimizing its exposure to water damage. This is also a very effective way to stop existing leaks. Waterproofed masonry walls shed the water from wind driven rains, instead of absorbing it.
    Any porous masonry surface (Brick, Block, and Limestone) will benefit from waterproofing. We use variety of industry proven waterproofing products created and tested for sole purpose of waterproofing of masonry elevations.